Purchase Order Management

Purchase what you need, when you need it…without all the red tape

Automated Purchasing

Connect every stage of the purchasing process with our paperless e-procurement system. Our automatic form filler and one-click repeat purchase orders help you save time and reduce errors.

Full Spend Tracking

With PurchaseControl, easily monitor your purchase history so that you never overspend. Every action related to an order is automatically stored in one place so you understand the who, what, where, when, and why of your spending at a glance.

Faster Transactions

Streamlining your purchasing process is easier than ever. Our simple, user-friendly interface makes it easy to create and send purchase orders, while email requests for approval make purchasing fast and convenient.

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How to Create a Purchase Order

Creating purchase orders is simple and straightforward, and repeat orders can be created by clicking one button with e-purchasing. Schedule a live demo with us to learn more.

"We needed to transition our PO paper system to digital to be able to send to people in other locations. PurchaseControl is affordable and we like the support."

Nancy Moglinicki
St. John Vianney School
Nancy Moglinicki
St. John Vianney School

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