Order and Catalog Management System

Monitor and manage purchase orders in real-time

Order Tracking

See the status of any order at any time. A full audit trail is kept for every order from purchase requisition through invoice reconciliation, making it easier than ever to ensure accountability. Our cloud-based system’s search functionality allows you to find anything you need, whenever you need it.

Three Way Matching

Our three-way matching protocol helps you avoid paying inaccurate invoices by ensuring that what you are being charged matches your orders and receipts. Three documents – purchase orders, order receipts, and vendor invoices – are aligned automatically in our paperless purchase order system, highlighting any discrepancies and saving you money.

Catalog Management

Your team will love how easy it is to find the item they’re looking for at the right price from preferred suppliers. Our catalog management feature allows your team to store items for greater savings and more convenient purchases.

Product Tour

Received Order Status

Rest assured that what you receive matches what you ordered. Stay two steps ahead of your vendors and keep track of all orders you’ve received that have yet to be invoiced. We’ll show you how our cloud-based software can keep you organized – schedule a live demo today.

"PurchaseControl has helped us limit the risks associated with bad planning, unapproved purchases, and even fraud. It has enabled us to consolidate many of our purchasing functions on a district and regional level with more consolidation planned in the coming months."

Geoff McCombs
Regional Supply Chain Manager
ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Geoff McCombs
Regional Supply Chain Manager
ThyssenKrupp Elevator

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