Purchase Requisition & Approval Software

Keep your approval process steaming ahead with workflows, thresholds, and controls

Instant Approvals Process

Stop waiting days for purchase requisitions to be approved. With e-mail and mobile approvals, you can approve or reject purchase requisitions in a meeting, at your desk, or while you’re traveling, and purchasers and approvers are notified automatically. Orders can be processed quickly and easily without all the paperwork.

Flexible Process

Our system was designed to handle any process, no matter how complex. While some processes are straightforward, others require multiple steps, approvers, and other important details. We will make your purchase approval process as efficient as possible and ensure your policies are fully enforced.

Customized Limits

Control spending easily and effectively. You can create spend limits for any person across different teams, departments, and locations, and set rules for orders to require multiple approvals. Whatever your process and structure, we’ll help you stay in budget.

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Setting individual limits

By setting individual limits, your team can make the purchases they need to make within a controlled environment from a budgeting perspective. Schedule a live demo with us to learn more about customized spend limits.

"We needed a way to get purchases electronically signed off. PurchaseControl is easy to use, it works, and their support reacts."

Richard Bateman
IT Infrastructure Ops
Energy Alloys
Richard Bateman
IT Infrastructure Ops
Energy Alloys

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