Purchasing Software

Is paperwork bogging down your purchasing process?

Purchasing software helps you not just replicate your process, but improve it. You may decide to automate your accounts payable process for many reasons, including eliminating bottlenecks in your process, tracking orders, and controlling unauthorized purchases. You may also want a better way to monitor spending against the company budget, or to process purchase orders without the hassle of paperwork.

All of the following functions in the purchasing process become standardized, centralized, and mechanized with a purchasing software.

What you can do with a purchasing system:

  • Request

    Automating your purchasing process helps your team focus on what really matters. Pick your desired item from preferred vendors in an online catalogue and automatically send your purchase requisitions to approvers based on established workflows. For once, it’s easy.

    Start Eliminating Paperwork

  • Approve

    Move the approvals process forward without chasing people down or being chained to your desk. Customized spend limits keep your team from purchasing what they shouldn’t. With e-mail and mobile approvals, you can approve or reject purchases from anywhere.

    See how to stop unauthorized spending

  • Purchase

    Imagine how much faster orders would be processed if every stage of the purchasing process was paperless? Create and share purchase orders in half the time, and monitor spending on the fly so that you can make smarter budgeting decisions.

    Begin sending purchase orders in a flash

  • Receive

    Purchasing software does the hard work of checking that what you are being charged matches what you received. Purchase orders, order receipts, and vendor invoices are aligned automatically in our system, highlighting issues and saving your hard-earned money.

    Learn about three-way matching

  • Search & Track

    You’ll never have to worry about audits again. Tracking purchases is easy when a full audit trail is kept for every order. The ability to search the system ensures that you find the exact detail you need.

    Explore order tracking

  • Report

    How often are you asked to create a budget report? With live budget forecasts, your team has the report they always ask for at their fingertips. Having one single view of company spending helps you monitor performance against your spending goals.

    Learn more about budget forecasts

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Benefits of using a purchasing software

Many companies benefit from using purchasing software like PurchaseControl. Whether they are big or small, single-site or geographically dispersed, straightforward or complex, companies reap the benefits. Our highly customizable e-procurement system can accommodate any business. Here are some examples of companies that are experiencing the value of a powerful purchasing software:

  • Achieve cost savings

    Botanical Resources Australia (BRA), a company that produces a key element in insect control products, uses accounts payable reporting to achieve greater cost savings. The company saves $350,000 year-over-year from simple budgeting analysis.

  • Process POs faster

    Energy Alloys, a global provider of oilfield metals, services, and supply chain solutions, completely automated its approval process with PurchaseControl. The company now electronically signs off on purchases and processes them in a tenth of the time.

  • Eliminate paperwork

    St. John Vianney School is a Catholic high school in New Jersey. The school transitioned its paper PO system to a digital one using PurchaseControl. This shift enabled them to send POs to vendors quickly and without all the hassle.