Purchase Control makes it easy to follow the process of three way matching to ensure all purchasing is carried out correctly and only items that have been ordered and received will be paid for. The final stage of this process is supplier invoice reconciliation.

Reconciling Supplier Invoices

This demonstration video explains how our cloud based purchase management software takes care of matching the supplier invoices to the original purchase orders. This ensures all payments that are made are correct and relate directly to what has been originally ordered.

Three Way Matching

The two previous related demonstration video shows the initial stage of the three way match and how Purchase Control handles the creation of a requisition and the approval process that leads to the creation of a purchase order. The second demonstration video continues by showing the second stage of the three way match process, goods receipting, showing exactly how easy it is to track all stages of the process.

To learn more about how Purchase Control handles the three way matching process, click through to the demo on purchase order creation or our demo on goods receipting.

Invoice Reconciliation with Purchase Control