Purchase Control has been designed to be an easy to use and quick to learn e-procurement software program. This means you spend less time trying to figure out how to do things and more time getting on with your work. You should be able to create the purchase orders you require in no time at all. Full training and support are both included in the user licence so you will be able to work safe in the knowledge that our support team will be there to help whenever needed.

Easy to implement

Purchase Control is online purchase order software and because it is cloud based there is no software to install or need to burden your IT team with extra work. Ease of implementation can be an important factor in any decision when making changes to your supply chain management strategy. We look after the whole setup by creating your own secure personal database on our protected servers.

We will upload your supplier database, set up usernames and passwords (which can be reset later as needed), and customise any features to your requirement so the system is custom configured to suit your business better. Purchase Control is a web based purchase management system and comes with all the benefits of being based online. The software can be accessed from any modern web browser on any mobile device and there is no need to install any software at all. The system can be rolled out quickly, even across multiple locations.

No matter how complex a setup you have we can help get you set up and ready to use the system in no time at all. Setups can be completed in some cases in a single day. We look after everything when getting the software up and running for you. With our help you can be sure your company’s purchasing is under control.

Simple to use

On average, the learning curve for the new system is 1-2 days because Purchase Control automates and streamlines the purchasing process as it already is and allows the users to get on with their normal day to day purchasing as needed. Our cloud based purchase management system is fully customisable and can be set up to match your company’s needs so there is no steep learning curve.

Powerful functionality

While emphasising usability and simplicity Purchase Control does not sacrifice any functionality. Our automated online purchase order software reconciles POs with goods receipting and supplier invoices with a full audit trail so you have a full record of the three way matching process. All previous orders and invoices created in the system can be easily searched and reported on. This flexible reporting is combined with our predefined reports to make it quick and easy to create any number of reports at the click of a button An accruals report for example can be created through our Search and Reports section in seconds.

You have full control of what each employee in your company can do as access and abilities in the system can be set up and customised for each individual user in the system. each department and supplier can be controlled and reported on with ease so you have all the information you will need at your fingertips.

Is it worth it?

To this question, Purchase Control’s features and benefits answer with a resounding Yes. But do not just take our word for it. Read about our current customers and their testimonials about Purchase Control.

Better yet, see Purchase Control in action for yourself. Contact us to schedule a free demo with one of our experienced sales representatives today and walk through the features of our secure online purchase order software.

Purchase Control is simple to use