Supply chain management can involve a lot of different individuals at the various different stages of carrying out an order. The importance of tracking who carries out these actions and when can not be underestimated. E-procurement operations like automation of the purchase order process make tracking a PO simple and easy. With Purchase Control a full audit trail is kept for every action carried out in relation to every order created from requisition all the way through to reconciling the invoice so you can rest assured there is a full record ensuring full accountability.

Full order audit trail

Each purchase order created will automatically maintain a full audit trail that can be easily accessed from the saved order in Purchase Control. You will see a list of every action, who carried it out and when. This audit trail can also be exported as a CSV file if required.

Order status

Anytime an action is carried out on an order the status of the order is updated so you can see at a glance what stage of the purchasing process the order has reached. You can also use the search functionality in the system to find any orders with a specific order status assigned. For example, if an order has been partially received but still has outstanding items to be delivered the order will have a status of ‘Partial’ so you can quickly find any orders that have had a split delivery and report on them.

Control panel audit trail

The Control Panel in our purchase order software is where you can manage the data in the system. If you need to add a new supplier or edit the details of an existing supplier, for example, this is where you would do that. Only the people given authority to make these changes will have access to do that but each change made in the Control Panel will be tracked. Also an email alert can be sent to a specific email address updating on any changes made in the Control Panel. This makes it easy to ensure the data you are using when creating orders is always up to date and correct.

Searchable and secure

The database in Purchase Control is searchable and all PO data is available anytime from any computer with an internet connection and web browser no matter where you are. It is impossible for a PO to get lost in the procurement shuffle in our secure online purchase order software. Your company will never overspend, pay for an order unnecessarily, or pay the incorrect amount again.

Purchase order tracking