Purchase Control is cloud based purchase order software. One of the many benefits of being in the cloud is that you can access the system from anywhere on any device. This means anybody within the company will have access to the most up to date purchasing data relevant to them whenever they need it.

Access on the move

Modern businesses often have a requirement for their staff to travel often. With Purchase Control that will cause no issues. As long as there is internet access you can access all of the information available to you in Purchase Control. If you need to check on the status of an order, approve an order, or even create an accrual report when you do not have access to your office you can.

For companies with multiple locations this means ordering can be managed and controlled centrally with full visibility across the different locations for anybody who needs it. For those within the company who should only see orders related to one location this can be managed on per user basis so you know only the correct people have the ability to see orders.

Set up access levels by user

In Purchase Control, every user in the system can be set with specific access within the procurement process. Upon logging into Purchase Control, the system identifies the user from their credentials (username and password) and will only allow them access to what they have been given authority to see and do. Anything else will be hidden from them.

Different job, different user

While logged on, the purchase order system uses this user information to decide the pages and functions to which each user will have access. Without access levels, Purchase Control would have only one user type. Everyone in that user type would be able to do the same things and no management of the bookkeeping database and audit trail would be possible. Purchase Control allows you the flexibility and control you need for accessing the your purchasing data. You can give access to only the orders the user has created, to orders for a list of departments or to all orders saved in the system as required. You can also define what abilities a user can have within the system. For example, some users can be allowed to add a new supplier to the system while others will have this ability restricted. It also removes links and restricts navigation access to pages that they are not allowed to use.

Control by user role

Often there will be a number of different people within a company that should have similar access and abilities. To allow for this you can set User Roles and assign them to the individual users. The users can then be further customised as required if there are variations in what they should be able to see and do. Purchase Control by default comes with a number of user roles but as many new roles can be created and defined as required. The four roles:

  • System Admin: full access to all system functions including user administration and top-level system configuration
  • Tech Admin: full access to Control Panel but not to purchasing console
  • Purchasing Admin: purchasing-related role with capability for adding & editing supporting entities including suppliers and items
  • Purchaser: basic role for purchasing activity alone; access to the purchasing console but not to the Control Panel.

Customised access levels by individual user are simple to set up as well. A System Admin user can change the role of any user in the Control Panel with point-and-click ease or create a new specific user role if required.

Breaking it down.

The ability to carry out a function in Purchase Control is controlled by the user role and individual user’s setup. If an action cannot be carried out by a certain user it is because the user does not have permissions to complete the operation.

If questions about access and abilities for the individual user come up, then the answer is that the assigned user role of the user or their own custom settings do not allow them the permissions to complete the operation in question. The user would need to contact a system administrator to request access to pages and functions that are currently unavailable.

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