At the heart of any purchase management software is the purchase order approval process. Purchase Control makes it easy to control and manage this process to ensure all orders can be processed from requisition to purchase order quickly and easily. This process can be fully customised to suit the requirements of your own purchase approval processes making sure purchasing approval is both streamlined and fully controlled.

Instant approval process

When looking to create a new purchase order a person will first need to create a requisition. The requisition will reflect the order they would like to create. Before this requisition can be turned into a purchase order it will need to gain the correct level of approval. How the approval process will work will depend on how you Purchase Control has been set up but with it’s most basic settings one person will need to give their approval to the order before it is assigned a PO number. Only after it has gained the correct approval can the order be sent on to the supplier by email or any other means.

This process would involve the creator of the requisition forwarding it by email to somebody with authority to approve it. The system will dynamically create a list of those who can authorise the PO to be selected from. The email sent to the approver will have all the details of the requisition so they can quickly decide if they are happy for it to be turned into a purchase order. They can give their approval instantly directly from the email and the person who created the requisition will subsequently be updated by email informing them that the order has been approved. No delays, no hold-ups, the order can be processed quickly and easily and with all the information centralised in our supply chain management software anybody with access to see the order will immediately know the status of the order when it has gained approval.

Spend limits and users

The approval process in Purchase Control can be managed right down to the individual user so you know each person involved in the purchase to pay process is creating requisitions only for the departments you allow them to and each person can only approve orders up to the limits you set and for the departments they have authority to approve for. Each users abilities in the system can be defined and controlled from the outset. This means ensuring compliance with your procurement policy is all very straightforward.

Each user can be assigned departments they have authority to create requisitions for. They can also be assigned the ability to approve their own orders or not, transaction limits – how large an order they can approve, monthly limit – an overall figure for what they can approve each month and also a lower limit – this excludes the user from the list of approvers for orders below this thresehold to ensure smaller orders are taken care of by the relevant approvers.

Spend limits and departments

To ensure you have full control of your budgets Purchase Control also gives you flexible options when setting budgets for departments in the system. The budget assigned to the department supersedes any user budgets giving you peace of mind that your purchasing will always stay within budget. There is no possibility for overspend. Only the people given the authority to change the departmental budgets would be able to authorise a purchase over the budget set for the department.

There are a number of different options for how you can control expenditure on the departments. Budgets for the department can be set as project budgets – this is a non renewing budget that once it has been spent no further purchasing can take place, annual budgets – this allows the budget to be spent at any time over the year and renews at the start of the next financial year, or you can set individual monthly budgets for each month of the calendar year – monthly budgets allow you to set budgets that reflect any seasonal differences in your purchasing and gives you the tightest control over spend.

Multiple Approvals

In Purchase Control you can also set rules where certain orders would require multiple approvals. This can be managed in a number of ways but the most straightforward would be by the financial value of the order. By setting financial PO approval rules you can enforce a process where any orders above a certain value would require additional approvers before they would be assigned their purchase order number.

You can also set 2 additional different approval routes for specific restricted or capital expenditure. These can be set independently and could only be approved by the people within the company who have been assigned the authority to clear these expenses.

Flexible, dynamic approval processes

Purchase Control’s approval process is simple yet extremely powerful. You can set it to be as straightforward or as complicated as you need it to be. Once this has been set up our cloud purchase order software will ensure your purchasing policies are fully enforced and the purchasing approval process is streamlined. Furthermore, each user can be assigned a spend limit to ensure that the department budget is not exceeded, to guarantee no overspending.

In this way Purchase Control is more than purchase management software. It is a secure solution to systemic problems in procurement policy compliance and purchase approval.

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The purchase approval process