Purchase Control not only helps control and manage your procure to pay process from purchase requisition right through to matching the supplier invoice against the approved purchase order but with it’s powerful in-built reports and CSV exports make it easy to analyze, report and create projections using all your purchasing data. Our purchase management software’s powerful purchase management reporting will take the pain out of reporting and save you time could be better spent elsewhere.

Expenditure versus budget reports

Purchase comes equipped with an Expenditure Reports section where you can check the expenditure and also the expenditure against the budget for the users, departments, charge to accounts or companies in tables, charts or export in CSV format. These reports can be examined in monthly or annual format with the click of a button giving you the power to see exactly how your budgets are being used to enable easier and more accurate forcasting.

Accounts payable reports

To help you with forecasting and giving a quick and easy way to assess the future outgoings of the company there are a number of reports in the accounts payable section of Purchase Control. The Orders Not Invoiced report will show all the approved purchase orders that are yet to be reconciled with an invoice. The Received Uninvoiced or Goods Received Not Invoiced (GRNI) report shows all the approved purchase orders that have also had goods marked as received but are yet to be matched to an invoice. The summary figures here will give you easy access to very useful figures such as your accrual figures. By utilising the search functionality on these reports you can get these figures by company, supplier or for any other part of your business at the click of a button. These reports can also be exported in CSV format as required.

Customised purchase order and invoice CSV exports

Our purchase order software comes equipped with powerful and extremely useful reports available to use but for when you need some very specific reports you can create them from the Purchase Order Search or the Invoice Search pages. By combining as many search fields as you require you can get more and more specific reports and export them to CSV. For example by combining date range, department and charge to account you can see the ordering information for a specific job over a specific period that is related to a specific department. This any many reports can be created in seconds with a few button clicks.

Controlled access to reporting features

Each user in Purchase Control can be assigned specific access and abilities and this applies to their ability to see and create management reports. If they do not have the authority to see a certain report they will not be able to, if they do not have authority to see orders for a specific department they will not be able to create reports related to these orders. In this way you can be sure only the people who should see this ordering information. Those that do will have the ability to get the information they need quickly and easily.

Reporting on the move

If you are out of the office this does not mean you do not have access to the reports you need. If you have internet access then you have the ability to review and report on all the information at any time. Forgot to put together a report for a cross town meeting? No problem, you can create it from your iPad or any other mobile device with no problems at all.

Powerful Purchase Management Reporting