Purchase order software is most beneficial when there are a number of different people involved in the procure to pay process. Purchase Control can be used by small companies who would like to keep track of all their purchasing and follow the three way match process on all their orders through from start to finish but it comes into it’s own when there is a requirement for multiple users each with their own specific role within the process.

Within a project management strategy, many people will be involved in the procurement process often in different locations. Each will have their own responsibilities within the process and will need to interact at different stages.

The multi-user workstation solution

Often, multi-user software refers to licenses particular to a specific workstation. The software is installed locally on a computer and that workstation becomes the holder of the license. This can be done as many times as there are licenses.

Anyone with the capacity for logging on to the computer has access to the software. For a company where all members of staff are in the same location and have the same role within the purchasing process this can be an acceptable situation. However, if your company is spread across multiple locations or has team members who do not have the same roles or authority this model can be extremely restrictive. Worse still it can cause trouble with supply chain management, spending beyond department limits or purchasing policy compliance.

The multi-user Cloud solution

On the other hand, an online purchase order software with a multiple user environment assigns the licensure to the individual user accessing the system with their own user profile. They can access using any device with internet access from whereever they happen to be using their username and password. All actions they carry out can be restricted to certain actions in the purchasing process and every action they carry out in the system can be fully traced back to them.

The purchase to pay process is no longer tethered to specific workstations. The benefits of this solution are clear:

  • fewer individual users have access to the software application
  • the activity of users that do have access can be recorded in a full audit trail
  • the bookkeeping software can be accessed by these secure users from anywhere

Purchase Control is a secure online procurement software that leverages the benefits of a Cloud multi-user solution to control every aspect of purchasing from purchase requisition, purchase order approval, goods receipting all the way through to supplier invoice reconciliation.

Purchase order software for multiple users