If your business is spread across multiple locations or if any part of your workforce needs to be on the move an installed purchase management solution really is not an option. Purchase Control is cloud based so you can access from any location with internet access or even when you are on the move. no matter where you are accessing from you know the information you are viewing is the most current and up to date as you will be accessing your own centralised secure database.

Full visibility across sites

If you have multiple sites spread across the country and need to be able to control and track all your purchasing quickly and easily Purchae Control is the ideal solution. Access control allows you the ability to give access and abilities to only the people that should have them, those that should not have the access or abilities can be restricted as needed. For example, your CFO can have full access to report across all departments at all locations while individual department heads can be restricted to only have access to their specific department at their specific site.

Cross location ordering

If you have any degree of separation between the different stages of the three way match process this can cause delays, time waste and at times frustration for the members of staff involved. If orders are being created in the main office, deliveries are being accepted at your warehouse and invoice processing occurs at your central finance office unless you are using one centralised purchase management system it can become extremely difficult and time consuming to successfully complete the three way match process. Purchae Control is updated in real time across all locations and tracks every action carried out against an order ensuring there is full visibility for any member of staff that needs it. When an order arrives at your warehouse you can be immediately updated that it has arrived. When the invoice comes through to your accounts payable team they can see what was originally ordered, if the order has been delivered and if there were any notes made in relation to the order.

Streamlined purchase management

For companies where offsite order creation is a common practice Purchase Control ensures that there are no delays. The employee can create the order and send it for approval from where they are and it can be approved instantly from the email received by the user with authority to approve the order.

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Purchase order software for multiple locations