Purchase Control is an easy-to-use, secure online procurement software system. No additional software installation is necessary. The requirements for using Purchase Control are a computer with access to the Internet and a web browser.

Benefits of online purchase order software

The most obvious benefit to having an entirely online and automated purchase order system is that the purchasing process becomes essentially paperless. This is both an economical and ecological solution. Of course, built-in to Purchase Control is the option to print a copy of the PO or scan a copy of the supplier invoice if needed but the default is for the order management system to be totally paperless.

Rolling audit trail
Paperless in the case of Purchase Control however does not mean it is without an audit trail. A full and automated audit trail is built-in to Purchase Control. Every ction carried out related to the purchasing process is tracked against the user that carried out the action and the time it occurred so you have a full record to look back on whenever needed.

No additional IT costs
As the system is cloud based all IT is taken care of by us so all you need to worry about is getting on with your day to day purchasing. No servers to look after, no upgrades to manage, no additional maintenance and no additional costs.

Centralised and secure.
A centralised online database is critical in order to access the system easily and also keep it controlled and secure. For a procurement manager, for example, everything in the purchase to pay process can be visible, accessible, and accountable using an online purchase order system regardless of the number of locations, departments or companies the orders are being created for.

Accessible from anywhere
Online accessibility means that no matter how many locations you have or how mobile your purchasing team are they will always be able to access the system. This ensures there are no hold ups in terms or approving orders and that you have full visibility whenerever and wherever you need it.

User access control
Secure access levels within the system can be controlled and can be specific to an individual’s role in the purchase to pay process because of the one user, one license software build. Approval for purchase order requisitions can be assigned to only the highest level employees in the system using these online security credentials.

Real-time visibility and control
The approval process in our online purchase order system is in real time. As soon as a purchase has been approved everybody who has authority to see the order will know it. As soon as you update anything in the system that change will take affect immediately for all users. If you update the contact details for a supplier everybody else will be able to see that and any orders made after will have the new details.

More information

Purchase Control’s knowledge base library is a great resource for better understanding the purchase to pay process and purchase order systems.

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