When starting out with Purchase Control we will help you get up and running and will make sure the system is configured how you need it. But at any time you can make changes to the system with ease using the Control Panel. If you need to make changes to the information in our online purchase management software, supplier contact details for example, or need to update the access abilities of a user this can all be accomplished through the Control Panel. The system can be customised and updated if and when needed by the specific users that have been given administrative authority.

Access Control

Access to the Control Panel can be managed at a granular level so only the people with authority to the different settings and information will be able to. An individual user may be given access to add, edit or view the different sections of the Control Panel as required. If they do not have authority for some areas they will not see the option when they access the Control Panel.

Full change tracking

Every change made in the Control Panel will be tracked so you will know who added or changed information and when they did that. Also an email alert can be sent to a specific email address updating on any changes made in the Control Panel. This makes it easy to ensure the data you are using when creating orders is always up to date and correct.

Powerful and easy to use

Our focus when creating Purchase Control was to make it as straightforward to use as possible. This policy extends to the use of the Control Panel. The Control Panel is not only ease to set up, it has built in security for peace of mind.

From one simple screen

Control Users

Each individual users access and abilities can be edited and updated whenever needed. Some of the options you have related to the users are:

  • Add, activate, deactivate, or delete users
  • Edit user access levels and authorisation
  • Purchasing limits
  • PO data entry settings
  • Order editing ability
  • Invoice visibility, creation and approval

Control Departments

Departments in the Control Panel are where the budgets are set. Project budgets, annual budgets or indivualised monthly budgets for each calendar month can be set and managed by an administrator at any time. Purchase Control evolves with your project, offering administrators flexibility as well as granular control over department budgets.

Control Suppliers

Supply chain management can be terribly complex and built on intimate relationships with many suppliers over many years, but from a procurement software standpoint, management of your project supply chain should be simple and functional. Purchase Control’s supplier management features are self-explanatory and controlled from the Control Panel.

Manage Financial Functions

Through the Control Panel you can also update details related to the financial data in the system. GL codes, tax rates and currencies can all be managed with ease by users with the authority to do that.

Configure the Purchase Approval Process

The process followed when approving a purchase order in the system can be updated and altered as required from the Control Panel. If there is a change in internal policy related to your procurement approval processes they can updated quickly and easily.

Set Terms and Conditions

Each company in Purchase Control can be assigned with a different logo, company address and set of terms and conditions. These details will appear on each purchase order created for that company. You can set and edit your company’s details through the Control Panel.

Fully customisable control panel