Purchase Control has clients from all different sectors in far flung corners of the globe. Companies in the legal sector, consultancies, companies in the construction industry, the recruitment sector, companies in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare businesses, engineering businesses, hotels, restaurants, bars and others in many different fields can all benefit from Purchase Control. But don’t take our word for it, listen to what some of our clients have to say about us.

  • We’ve only had it in since November and I can say we’re pretty confident we’re about to save $350,000 per year just from some simple analysis we picked up through reporting.

  • It saves our expense department a lot of time. When they get invoices they look up the purchase order and know it was approved and the invoice can be paid.

  • An easy straighforward, PO system, reachable from the cloud that gives bigger control over spending.

  • We needed to transition our PO paper system to digital to be able to send to people in other locations, Purchase Control is affordable, and we like the support.

  • We needed a way to get purchases electronically signed off. PurchaseControl is easy to use, it works and their support reacts.

  • We wanted a product that would give us more real time ability to approve purchase orders. Purchase Control is a great product, it allows better reporting, it saves money by not printing and time because purchase orders can be done more quickly.

  • Purchase Control is an asset to our company, its user friendly and inexpensive. It’s a great way to control costs, and helps our organisation to identify when we are being overcharged for products we are purchasing. It has also been a huge help in centralising our purchasing processes and having a master list of all suppliers and items. It has enabled our organisation to have real data to support purchasing decisions.

  • I would recommend Purchase Control for its ease of use. Our organisation saves money by not having to enter all of the information each time something is ordered.

  • Training was easy and the purchasing process has been very beneficial since we started using the program, it controls the money going out, and controls and implements spending limits while restricting unnecessary purchases and puts the responsibility back on the employee.

  • Purchase Control saves us time and money simply because time is money, and the Purchase Control has streamlined our process so the amount of time everyone is spending either raising, approving or referring to POs has been drastically cut.

  • I am the Regional Purchasing Manager for the second largest region of Thyssen Krupp Elevator in North America. I manage the purchasing activities of 22 branches across the West Coast. One of the legacy systems we currently use doesn’t have a purchasing component, and pulling detailed reports is often

    tedious. In the absence of a regionwide comprehensive purchasing system, I have struggled to control our spend for many years now. Moreover, as the data from many of our reports is difficult to extract and often incomplete, it has been very difficult to make strategic purchasing decisions without a clear picture of the daily purchasing behaviors of our branches. Add to this the difficulty of managing our purchasing activities remotely, and you can understand the difficulty this has caused – until we discovered Purchase Control.

    As we have begun to use the Purchase Control’s web-based purchasing system in many of our branches, it has improved how requisitions are created and approved, how PO’s are sent to our suppliers, how goods are received and how invoices are paid. It has changed how our branches plan their purchasing from the management level down to the field tech. It has allowed me to track purchasing activities daily in all our branches in real time. This increased control and visibility has helped us limit the risks associated with poor purchasing, bad planning, unapproved purchases, and even fraud. In addition, I can make daily policy decisions based on real data as opposed to anecdotal data that was previously collected through communication with our purchasing personnel. Finally, the system has also enabled us to consolidate many of our purchasing functions on a district and regional level with more consolidation planned in the coming months. It would be impossible to estimate the monetary benefit of such a system, but with the amount of purchasing volume we now push through Purchase Control annually, it could easily get into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, other regions in our company are either already rolling out the system or seriously considering it.

  • We really couldn’t survive without Purchase Control, it is our lifeblood and you can quote me on that to any of your new potential customers out there in the business world. SERIOUSLY, Purchase Control in my opinion is flat out the best Cloud software I’ve ever used, keeps everyone here on the same page, no matter where we are located geographically when it involves Purchasing. Again you can quote me on that too.