Calling Purchase Control online purchase order software is not entirely accurate. It is capable of handling many more layers of procurement than just purchase orders. So Purchase Control can handle work orders just the same as it handles purchase orders.

Enlisting a firm or individual to come into your business and perform works and services is a delicate proposition. You might not have a standing relationship with this provider of services. Maybe the work is of vital importance and so it will be very disruptive to business. Furthermore, human labor is not a line item. It is subject to error and variables.

Fewer variables. Less error.

Purchase Control’s online procurement software reduces these errors and variables at least in terms of supply chain management. Work orders are processed just like POs and therefore have the same benefit of being subject to the full audit trail, requisition and approval, three way matching and reconciliation, and searchable database and reporting. The work orders can be reflected in the project management budgets and users spend limits accordingly. As work orders can be subject to change the orders in Purchae Control can be edited with a full revision history created to show all previous historic versions of an order. All edits must be approved but if the service being provided alters after the initial order is created there is no problem, you can account for this and all changes will be fully tracked.

Designating an account for works and service

The work orders can be separated from the purchase orders in terms of budget if necessary by having a designated department or account for works and services. This is easy to set up any time or it can be specified to our support team at the implementation stage.

Confirming completion of works or servive

A work order or service contract is not delivered in the same way as a goods order but once the order has been satisfactorily completed or provided you can mark it as delivered within Purchase Control in the same way you would a purchase order. By marking the delivery off it lets the accounts payable team know they should be happy to process the invoice as they will be able to see it has been accepted as delivered in the system.

Purchase Control as a work order system