Every action related to your purchase management process carried out in Purchase Control will be tracked to the person and the exact time it was carried out. No matter how many people, locations, departments or even companies are involved you can quickly and easily check back on each individual action. This gives you peace of mind and full accountability within your organisation.

Quick status check

After every action carried out against an order the status of the order is updated so you can see at a glance what stage of the purchasing process the order has reached. This is easily visible in the purchase order and on CSV reports exported from the system. You can also use the search functionality in the system to find any orders with a specific order status assigned. For example, if an order has been fully received the order will have a status of ‘Closed Completed’ so you can quickly find any orders that have been fully received and report on them.

Full ordering tracking

Every purchase order created in Purchase Control automatically maintains a full audit trail that can be easily accessed from the saved order in our online purchase management solution. You can see a list of every action, who carried it out and when with a click of a button. This audit trail can also be exported as a CSV file if required.

Information change tracking

The data related to your purchasing process is very important. Maintaining this data and making sure it is up to date will ensure all ordering can be processed quickly and easily. To ensure that speed and simplicity are at the heart of your purchasing management processes you can allow different users of our system to update certain data when required. Each user can be given specific authority to change specific information. For example, your purchasing manager may be able to add new suppliers or item catalogues related to a supplier but not carry out any changes to financial data like general ledger or nominal ledger codes. These changes can be carried out through the Control Panel in our purchase order software. Only the people given authority to make these changes will have access to do that and each change made in the Control Panel will be tracked back to the person who did it and when it happened. Also an email alert can be sent to a specific email address updating on any changes made in the Control Panel. This makes it easy to ensure the data you are using when creating orders is always up to date and correct and all changes are fully accounted for.

Administrative controls

Here are a few features under the administrative controls:

  • Create additional users
  • Specify and enforce access levels and spending limits
  • Update and add supplier details
  • Assign multiple currencies (if you use them)
  • Set the different tax rates
  • Manage general or nominal ledger codes
  • Update departmental budgets

The whole system at a glance

How much your departments and individual users have spent to date and how this compares with their set limits is tracked and can easily be reported on through our Expenditure Reports option. A glance at these reports will tell you exactly what is going on in your purchasing system and can be greatly beneficial in improving your forecasting. You can see:

  • How much money has been spent this month and to date
  • To whom and what department the purchase was assigned
  • Departmental, Charge To (Jobs or Projects), Company and User reports
  • Running totals

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