With the Cloud concept, software and all associated data are hosted in a central location and delivered in real-time via the Internet. The Cloud is an image used to convey this process of remotely connecting a computer using an online software platform. Cloud-based software essentially operates as virtual hardware.

Cloud purchase order software is a network based PO system, providing instant access to all procurement data in the purchase to pay process from anywhere they happen to be. Purchase Control uses this technology to allow any licensed user with credentials (username and password) to access the online purchasing system.

Benefits of Cloud Purchase Order Software

Saves time
With no software installation on a computer necessary, cloud based software platforms reduce the amount of implementation time (roll out).  Right from the beginning the Cloud saves you time. Our online purchase order software database can be easily populated with all your relevant data such as existing supplier list, nominal ledger codes and departments in no time so you can be ready to start using it almost immediately. a user in your company could login to the Cloud purchase order software and start processing POs and requisitions after only one business day.

The most obvious benefit to having an entirely online and automated purchase order system is that the purchasing process becomes essentially paperless. This is both an economical and ecological solution. As all your purchasing information is in held in your own secure database it is fully searchable so finding a specific piece of information can be found in no time at all. Of course, built-in to Purchase Control is the option to print a copy of the PO or the supplier invoice if needed but the default is for the order management to be totally paperless.

Stays out of your way
Cloud based software minimises the amount of IT support needed over the lifetime of the service. Server management, software updates and any other related IT is taken out of your hands and looked after by us centrally. If support is necessary, updates and fixes can be uploaded instantly and invisibly without direct interruption to the end user of the system, your company.

Access from anywhere
Modern business can often be carried out on the move. Online software solutions have developed and become more and more popular as the needs of modern businesses demand greater flexibility and convenience. Purchase Control can be accessed on any device from anywhere with internet access. So if the head of your department is offsite for meetings and an order needs to be put through with his approval there is no problems and no delay, he can review any orders pending his approval and sign off through his phone or tablet.

Instant cross company updates
If you have multiple locations or members of staff often offsite it can be very hard to keep your purchasing information up to date in a single place. Purchase Control can solve this issue as staff members can access the same centralised data and when they carry out an action anybody else with access will be able to see the updated information. This makes it easier to report and has great time saving benefits as you are no longer waiting for an update on what has been happening outside of head office.

PO software in the Cloud