Purchase Control’s online procurement system is designed to be fast and secure – streamlining your purchase approval process, enforcing your purchasing policy and bringing insights into your order management processes. With a searchable purchase order and supplier database in an online interface, Purchase Control is a robust and accessible supply chain management solution.

Procurement expertise from experience

The e-procurement and purchase to pay processes has never been so easy and secure. Our customers have been using our cloud procurement software to quickly generate automated purchase requisitions, approve purchase orders, set spending limits and department budgets, view a full audit trails of system activity, reconcile using three way matching and so much more for over 10 years.

Automated purchase orders

Purchase orders automatically populate data about a supplier and delivery location from the database or duplicate from a previous order. You can control who has authority to change this information and the system will track any changes to the information so you can ensure all ordering is taking place with the correct information and requisitions can be created extremly quickly to be sent for approval. Traditional lengthy waits for requisitions to get approval are a thing of the past with email requests for purchasing approval.

Purchasing approval

Access levels are set by default or customised to the needs of the individual user from an easy to use Control Panel and ensure procurement policy compliance throughout the system. Who can approve for different departments can be set per user as well as the size of an order an individual can approve. The person creating the requisition will send it through by email to the relecant approver who can approve directly from the email if they are happy to do so.

Three way matching reconciliation

Purchase Control is designed to help enforce the correct three way matching of orders to help ensure only orders that have gone through the correct approval process, have been delivered as per the original order and where the supplier invoice matches the original will be paid. All actions carried out against an order are fully recorded and tracked back to the person that carried them out so there is full visibility and accountability.

Procurement on the go

Best of all Purchase Control is in the Cloud so a licensed user can access it anytime with the correct credentials (username and password) from any computer with a secure Internet connection and web browser. It can even be accessed from your smartphone or tablet on the go. This ensures the purchasing process is extremly flexible and can be carried out in multiple locations at the same time.

Purchase Control for Order Management