With Purchase Control’s procurement software you can fully control and manage every stage of the purchase to pay process within your company with ease. The processes within your procurement policy can be enforced through the configuration of the system and our expert setup team can help get the system set exactly how you need. If you need further help making changes later our support team will be able to guide you as needed.

Control by users

Each user with access to Purchase Control can be assign the abilities they need while being restricted access to carry out actions they do not have authority to carry out. You can be sure only the correct people will be carrying out different actions. You can assign order creation abilities per department, order approval per department, ability to accept order delivery, ability to reconcile invoices, ability to authorise payment of invoices and much more. Each users access and abilities can be entirely individual or can be set at a group level through our user roles section.

You can also assign purchasing restrictions on the individual users in a number of ways.

  • Transaction limit – the value of order the user can approve
  • Monthly limit – the value of orders the user can approve in a monthly period
  • Lower limit – excludes the user from the approval list for orders below this limit

Control by department

Every department created in Purchase Control can be set with flexible individualised budgets. No orders will be able to be created for a department taking it over budget so you can rest assured all ordering will be kept within the budgets set by you. Only users assigned with the correct authority will be able to edit budgets and other users would need to send a budget change request through the system before any further orders could be assigned to that department.

Departmental budgets can be assigned in a number of ways:

  • Annual budget – a renewing budget set for the financial year
  • Project budget – a non renewing budget that is not restricted by time
  • Individual monthly budgets – a renewing budget that can be set differently for each calendar month allowing for seasonal differences in purchasing

Control by order value

By default ordering in our purchase order software is controlled by the department it is being created for and the monetary value of the order. the system will dynamically create a list of the users that should approve a purchase order depending on their authority to approve for departments and order value. Only the users with the correct authority will be able to approve or reject a purchase requisition.

You can also set PO approval rules that will set a requirement for multiple users to approve an order depending on its value. This means larger orders can require multiple stages of approval to ensure tighter control over higher value ordering.

Control by item

The bulk of purchases made through Purchase Control are managed by the default financial approval rules combining user, department and PO approval rules settings. For more specific ordering you may want to set in place an alternative approval process. Our purchase management solution allows you to set in place two further approval routes for ordering of specific types of items. Often capital expenditure can require a different approval process to normal day to day ordering. For orders with items tagged as capital items they will follow a specific approval process that require the approval of users given the specific authority to approve capital expenditure. This can also be done for items assigned as restricted items, these can have another approval process set for them.

You are in control

All settings in Purchase Control can be controlled by users given authority to change them. This means you can make changes anytime you need to and are in complete control at all times. If you are unsure how to achieve a specific configuration in the system our support team would be glad to help you but at all times you will have control over your system.

How to control purchase orders