Purchase Control manages delivery locations with ease.

Every purchase order created in Purchase Control manages where the goods or services are to be delivered. For purchase orders of goods, this will be the physical location for delivery – the destination for the relevant goods receiving. For service and work orders, this location is a record of where the services or work should be carried out.

Each PO only has a single delivery location: the destination for all the goods or services. Recording separate delivery locations for particular parts and items of the order is not a feature in Purchase Control. If different delivery locations are required, the order should be broken up into separate purchase order forms. Each PO should specify the most appropriate delivery location for the goods or services being requisitioned.

Managing risk with delivery locations.

Allowing for delivery of goods or services to unauthorised locations represents a risk. Purchase Control’s online ordering system makes the automated purchase order process very simple and easy. With customised delivery procedures it also makes the purchasing process secure.

Administrators can use the Control Panel to define authorised delivery locations. Then users can be configured so that they must select from pre-existing, authorised locations rather than providing their own input. In this way, the system administrator can manage the destinations of any goods or services ordered on behalf of the company.

Controlling delivery locations in your procurement and sourcing strategies is a simple risk management practice that can be enforced with Purchase Control.

Managing purchase order risk