ISO 9000 is a family of quality management guidelines and tools for assessing customer satisfaction and product performance developed by the International Standardisation Organization (ISO).

ISO 9000 sets up the concepts, language, requirements, guidelines for effectiveness and efficiency and, perhaps most importantly, internal and external audits of quality management. Purchase Control works dynamically with ISO 9000 standards to deliver comprehensive reporting and auditing to your company.

Quality Management Principles

Customer Focus
The first principle of ISO quality management is the customer. In an increasingly complex and globalised market, human relationships are still the foundation of economic transaction. A good handshake in mutual understanding and benefit is still the most valuable asset in the supply chain. In fact, it is more important than ever to know clearly what the needs and expectations of your customers are.

A solid CRM strategy will include analysis of where the project management objectives coincide with customer needs and expectation.

Improvement: It’s a process.
Aware that your business is growing and changing all the time, ISO 9000 is a guide for viewing your supply chain management solution as systematically fluid and evolving. Prioritising opportunities for corrective action, establishing accountability, and evaluating overall impact, ISO 9000 is a model for continual improvement.

Purchase Control and ISO 9000

The backbone of the ISO 9000 protocol is the the auditing operations. This is where Purchase Control and ISO 9000 meet. Internal audits are designed by ISO 9000 to ensure quality management is working effectively and efficiently. Purchase Control has a built-in full audit trail to ISO 9000 specifications.

Fresh pair of eyes
Often when an ISO 9000 audit is being performed it is done by an ISO certified third party. A third party has an objective relationship to your business and fresh eyes on where room for improvement might be. When a third party evaluates your performance and supplier relationships they can easily search the online purchase order software, export any and all PO and invoice data, and review the audit trail without any prior knowledge of Purchase Control. It is that easy to use.

Purchase Control’s partners.

Purchase Control offers a robust online supply chain management software solution and works dynamically with many of our accounting software partners.

ISO 9000 and Purchase Control