Purchase order forms make up the first step in the purchase to pay process. They are the document that opens the purchase agreement with a supplier for goods and services. They are also populated with the data necessary for the purchase requisition.

Later they are collated and matched with the order receipt and supplier invoice for reconciliation, in a process known as three way matching.

Standard purchase order templates.

Considering their central role in procurement it is of the utmost importance that they be standard across companies within the supply chain. Therefore, template PO forms offer consistency at least within a company and has become common practice for procurement software.

Automated purchase order forms.

Online purchase order software is the easiest way to template or standardise purchase order forms. Purchase Control’s web based procurement software, for example, has fields that can be manually populated for a completely new order or automatically populated from a similar previous order. All POs are filed electronically in the searchable Cloud database and exportable to an Excel (.csv) file for reporting and analysis.

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Project management is a multifaceted and complex endeavor but with Purchase Control’s unique and secure purchase order system, purchase order forms do not have to be. We have developed a robust and flexible solution to managing your entire purchasing process.

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Purchase order forms and templates