Twinfield Accounting Software & PurchaseControl Integration

Directly linking between your purchase management software and your financial package can save a lot of time for your accounts payable team. If the data is filled in one place and can be easily transferred to the other this will avoid any double entry, remove the possibility of inconsistent information and make sure the process of procure to pay is as smooth as possible.

Twinfield compatible purchase order software

Purchase Control is fully compatible with a large range of accountancy packages and has a direct two way link with the powerful online accounting software Twinfield. You can import your financial data that has already been populated in Twinfield – such as supplier list and nominal ledger codes (GL codes) – from Twinfield directly into Purchase Control. This ensures all data can be matched quickly and easily with a click of a button. This benefits when first setting up the system as the setup can be completed extremely quickly. Also, after initial setup this means there will be no need for entering the data twice. If you are ordering from a new supplier you can just add their details in Twinfield and you can import the data into Purchase Control in seconds.

Posting invoices to Twinfield

Posting invoices from Purchase Control to Twinfield is a simple one click process. The invoice will be matched against the original purchase order in Purchase Control to insure you are not overpaying on any invoices. When the payment has been cleared for payment you can then send all the information directly to Twinfield where it will be posted to all the relevant places.

Twinfield online accounting

Twinfield UK, associated with Wolters Kluwer Tax and Account division, provides online accounting software. Originally from The Netherlands, Twinfield has grown to be an European market leader in accountancy solutions. This is what Twinfield has to say about themselves:

Our mission is to provide companies across Europe with a high-quality, Internet-based financial solution that optimizes their operational, tactical and strategic performance.

At Purchase Control when we read this mission we knew Twinfield UK was a company with whom we could collaborate. Compatibility with Twinfield is an important aspect of our mission to work dynamically with companies we respect at the cutting edge of project management solutions.

Start Working Smarter Now

Working together

Twinfield offers online accounting software for accountants as well as small and medium enterprises. There is a lot of common ground that drew Purchase Control into a closer relationship with Twinfield. A few of examples are:

  • Flexibility, working collaboratively with clients
  • Standardization and automation across the system
  • Cloud based solution to online accounting software
  • Scalable to the client: designed to grow in scope and functionality
  • Ease of roll out, implementation
  • Dedicated to forward thinking in developing software
  • Secure and transparent project management software
  • Experienced supply chain management solutions team

Purchase Control and Twinfield

Purchase Control is designed with Twinfield product compatibility. It is our pleasure to work with this market leader on a robust solution to online procurement and purchase order software.

Other Accounts Package Integration

Purchase Control is Sage Line 50 and Sage Line 200 Compatible Purchase Order Software but if you are using another accountancy package integration is also a possibility. Purchase Control also offers a direct export to Twinfield – a powerful online accountancy package. Further to these direct links Purchase Control’s ability to export information as CSV means that any accountancy package that any accounting software that accepts CSV import can link with Purchase Control too. If you have a specific integration you would like to know about contact us as we are happy to help work on any integration with you.

Our team of integration specialists are experienced with linking our purchasing system to a range of other pieces of software and would be delighted to assist you with all the benefits of their experience helping other clients to simplify and streamline the link between their purchasing and the finance team.