Opera & PurchaseControl Integration

Being able to directly link between your online purchase management software and your accounting software can save a lot of time for your accounts payable team. If the data is filled in one place and can be easily transferred to the other this will avoid any double entry, remove the possibility of inconsistent information and make sure the process of procure to pay is as smooth as possible.

Opera compatible purchase order software

Purchase Control integrates seamlessly with Pegasus Opera, supply chain management software developed by Pegasus. Whether you use Opera for your small or medium business (SMB) or as part of larger enterprise, adding Purchase Control’s online procurement software to your solution is very simple.

Opera Modules

Opera is a modular database software solution, meant to grow and evolve with your company. As a business needs arises, a project management solution can be added as an extra module. This is an intelligent model that Purchase Control can easily slot into as the purchase management solution.

If the need of your company demands a solution to define and enforce restrictions on the purchase to pay process and a full audit trail to assess procurement policy compliance then Purchase Control is the perfect addition to your procurement strategy.

Posting invoices to Opera

Purchase Control will manage the three way match of approving a purchase order, receipting the delivery of the goods and then matching the vendor invoice to the original purchase order. When this process has been completed and the invoice has been cleared for payment it will be queued to be sent to Opera. The authorized invoices can then be exported in an Opera specific CSV format ready to be imported directly into Opera. After importing you can mark them as posted in Purchase Control and the next time the export is run only newly authorized invoices will be included in the export. You can run the export as often as needed making sure your the data in Opera is fully up to date.

Complete control

Purchase Control is designed to minimize unauthorized spending and wasteful purchasing practices in order to maximize future capital and assets within your company. User levels with customizable access, department and individual budget limits, audit trails, and simple electronic purchase requisition creation make Purchase Control an air tight procurement solution.

Purchase Control itself is a dynamic purchase to pay software solution. It is a great added bonus that it can also integrate with the supply chain management software your company might already be using.

Other Accounts Package Integration

Purchase Control is Opera compatible purchase order software but if you are using another accountancy package integration is also a possibility. Purchase Control also offers a direct export to Twinfield – a powerful online accountancy package. Further to these direct links Purchase Control’s ability to export information as CSV means that any accountancy package that any accounting software that accepts CSV import can link with Purchase Control too. If you have a specific integration you would like to know about contact us as we are happy to help work on any integration with you.

Our team of integration specialists are experienced with linking our purchasing system to a range of other pieces of software and would be delighted to assist you with all the benefits of their experience helping other clients to simplify and streamline the link between their purchasing and the finance team.